After settling in Portland in 1997 from New York City, Bill Stites focused his deep creative and practical instincts on design of human powered vehicles, especially trikes.  Gradually bringing in electric assist has led to a new class of hybrid vehicles that supports the general mission to reduce dependence on fossil fuels ... and address all that goes along with Climate Change.


Proudly made in Portland, Oregon USA

Truck Trike is the sole focus of Stites Design LLC.  With 20 years of experience building all kinds of bikes and trikes, Bill Stites is committed to developing practical vehicles that are highly efficient, and have a very small carbon footprint.

                     Bill Stites

                     Bill Stites


Each Truck Trike is engineered and hand-built in our Portland facility.  Not only does this enable us to oversee every detail and ensure the highest quality, but it also helps keep important manufacturing jobs here in our community.  In fact, we are the only manufacturer in the US creating vehicles of this new weight class - 250 lbs. that can carry triple it's own weight - 750 lbs. of payload plus driver.

Our Philosophy

We recognize that efficiency is a function of vehicle weight as compared to its cargo weight - another form of the Golden Ratio.  The principle is simple:  If the cargo weighs more than the vehicle itself - as in a person riding a bicycle - then you are approaching true efficiency.  The trick is to have a vehicle/cargo ratio of LESS THAN 1.   

Person riding a bicycle:  30 lb. bike / 150 lb. person =  .20     YES

Truck Trike:  250 lb. vehicle / 750 lb. cargo plus driver =  .33     YES

Automobile carrying 2 passengers:  3000 lb. vehicle weight / 300 lb. passengers = 10     NO