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Introducing the smartest environmentally friendly utility vehicle on the planet.


Meet the Truck Trike - the first human-electric powered vehicle created specifically to handle the demands of business.  With an impressive payload capacity of 600 pounds, incredible maneuvering, and a low cost of ownership, the Truck Trike offers a very cost-effective alternative for so many business needs in the 21st century.

In cities and urban areas, the Truck Trike provides a level of versatility, maneuverability and energy efficiency that vans and trucks just can't match - all in a vehicle that weighs 250 pounds.

With high-end components like an all-steel frame, proven electric motors and motorcycle-grade brakes, the Truck Trike brings heavy-duty cargo capacity while going easy on the environment.  Indeed, this trike is capable of doing the work of several bike trailers at once. 


Fully sustainable with Zero Emissions, it's even healthy for those who drive it.  With no fossil fuel costs, no license or insurance requirements, and minimal maintenance, the Truck Trike will save you money.


Old-school trikes?  Not really.  We blend the best of the old with new technology to create an incredibly efficient human-plus-electric powered vehicle that meets the needs of business in today's climate sensitive environment.

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Find out about Truck Trike, and what makes us unique in the world of sustainable transport.

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Features and Benefits

Nothing performs like a Truck Trike. It gives you a cost-effective platform for urban delivery and point of sale.

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