Human + Electric Powered Industrial Trike

The Truck Trike is the first true industrial trike, with unprecedented payload capacity.  The Truck Trike is intended for business, with a universal flatbed that can be customized for any use. This represents a new class of vehicle, between a 40 lb. bike and a 3,000 lb. truck.  This human-electric trike design weighs only 250 lbs., yet can carry an unprecedented payload of 600 lbs., leading to very high efficiency.

Nothing performs like a Truck Trike. Mostly because there is nothing else like a Truck Trike.
There are a lot of smart reasons to buy a Truck Trike.  For urban delivery and point-of-sale, it gives you a cost-effective platform that's easy to maneuver and park in congested areas.  For schools, universities and municipalities it can reduce overhead while reducing environmental impact.




Uses include:

  • Delivery Companies
  • Point-of-sale
  • Universities
  • Warehouses
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Municipalities
  • Pedicab Operators

But no matter what you need it for, the most important reasons to choose a Truck Trike are those that set it apart from other delivery options like trucks, electric carts, and similar human powered vehicles. Check out all the reasons below.

Electric Motors
The Truck Trike features proven electric hub motors for the best in power and durability. Available with one or both rear wheels electrified, the hub motor design creates options including the capacity for all-wheel drive. This simplified drive system eliminates the need for a transmission, cross axle and differential – resulting in weight savings and increased cargo capacity.

Front Wheel Drive
Our front wheel drive pedal system features the patented StitesHub, which provides efficient power transfer with zero steering pull. This human powered system maintains high maneuverability, and enables each wheel to have its own power source. Simple is better.

Separated Drivetrain
Unlike other trikes, the human-powered component of the Truck Trike is completely separate from the electric power, meaning you can run only by pedal, on full electric, or any mix. This puts the driver in full control of the energy use, so if the battery is getting low, they can pedal more and still get to their destination. This feature also reduces weight and complexity, leading to high efficiency and low maintenance costs of the Truck Trike.

Steel Frame Construction
Truck Trikes are constructed with a hand-built tubular steel frame for the strength needed to move 600 pounds of cargo for a long time.

Unlike bicycle brakes, the motorcycle rear brakes on the Truck Trike use large rotors and heavy-duty calipers engineered for increased safety and stopping power even when hauling heavy loads.

Low Cargo Bed
The bed of the Truck Trike features a low floor height, improving stability and increasing payload capacity.  It also comes standard with a coated floor, providing a flat, durable, easy-to-clean surface.  It's an excellent foundation for any number of options from delivery to landscape maintenance, with everything in between.

Two-Piece Design
The unique two-piece design, where the front and rear frames are separable, provides a modular vehicle whereby we offer various sized rear beds.  This feature also greatly reduces shipping size and costs, as the trike can be partially disassembled and nested for a small crate size.

Advertising and Promotion
A Truck Trike outfitted for box delivery, point-of-sale or pedicab operations offers extra real estate to promote your business or to bring in added revenue as advertising space for other companies.


Each Truck Trike is engineered and hand-built in our Portland facility.  Not only does this enable us to oversee every detail and ensure the highest quality, but it also helps keep important manufacturing jobs here in our community.  In fact, we are the only manufacturer in the US creating vehicles of this new weight class - 250 lbs. that can carry triple it's own weight - 750 lbs. of payload plus driver.

Yes – fully sustainable, no fossil fuels, zero emissions, unmatched efficiency.   Contact us today.