We get lots of inquiries, and price is the first question that gets the conversation started.  Since we offer so many combinations of size and option packages, it is most accurate to create a quote based on your business' specific requirements.  Our human-electric vehicles range from $9,000. - $16,000. depending on options.

We have made a conscious decision to offer the highest quality, building only in the USA, and this in turn, determines the price.

What's the right size for your business?

We are the only trike manufacturer that can offer any size rear bed.  Our standard sizes are:

Mini  with a rear bed of 38.5" wide x 51" long.

Standard  with a rear bed of 48" wide x 58" long.

Titan  with a rear bed of 54" wide x 96" long.

Custom size  Based on our unique design, we are the only trike manufacturer that can offer custom sizing for the rear beds.  Whatever specialized equipment or capacity is needed can be tailored to your specific business needs.  Contact us for Custom Quotes.


Need a box or other structure on the back?

All of our trikes are rated for 400 - 600 lbs. of payload.  We can help with designing and creating a box or other structures to meet your business needs.


Branding color?

Besides being able to place large signage, decals, or banners on the vehicle, it can also be painted to match your brand colors.


How much power do you need?

Our standard trike utilizes one powerful 500-Watt motor, that can provide higher power levels for short bursts - such as to climb a hill.  For delivery businesses and other high-capacity users, we offer a Heavy Duty version that has two motors.